Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gestures of the Pig and Donkey. Royal Winter Fair 2008

Gestures of the Jersey Cow - Royal Winter Fair 2008

Animal Studies - Royal Winter Fair 2008

Animal Studies - Royal Winter Fair 2008

Animal Studies - Royal Winter Fair 2008

Animal Characatures

Animal Characatures - Royal Winter Fair 2008

Femmy Portrait

This is one of my fave peices - One thing I love to do is paint portraits. There's something about studies like these that makes the painting a bit simpler, but also, the nice thing about portraits in particular is their personal quality. Great for capturing the subjects emotion, and even their thoughts.

Surreal Landscape

Achromatic to Monochromatic Surreal Landscape.

Jungle Roughs

Here's a nice little scene that I'm almost done. This is just the first and second draft of three that I'm doing for a Mysterious Jungle painting. I'm pretty excited about it and I'm already liking how the final is looking, but that could change by the time it's finished. I originally started with the top one, going for a more acidic color scheme as well as experementing with using black instead of mixing achromatic greys. You can see on the bottom how mixing greys really softened up the colors - I dont know which one I like more though, because they both make two different but great effects.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mom Drawing

Okay, I know what you're thinking. "It was drawn from a photograph." Well you're right, ha, ha.

This was a study I did early on in the game when I wasn't so good with drawing and painting from life. People may tell you that drawing and painting from a photo is no good. In fact, I'll tell you the same thing. However, I did learn something from drawing this. I learned that using photos for reference is okay but not to copy them. Copying is gay...So the moral is... Use photos as a tool to learn, not to copy.

Hands and Feet

At first, hands and feet for me were somewhat difficult because I found it hard to really say alot about structure in the drawing. One day, I saw some of the better hand and foot drawings that were posted up in the hallways, and the thing that I noticed that was making the difference was using cross contour here and there to show the plane changes. So I sat down one night and taught myself how to do it. Sure enough I got an 89% on both sets of drawings from my life instructer. This was the first time I really felt like I broke into that small group that everyone gives the "nod of approval" to (for lifedrawing at least)... It was cool.