Friday, December 25, 2009

Winter Storm

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Tybalt said...

hey dude, i know it took me forever but at long last, here is my input on your piece =).

for the most part, i think you were successful in conveying the mood and lighting. the application of paint is a little muddy though, in the sense that i have trouble defining sharp edges. the perspective feels like it could use a little more attention as well - have you tried flipping the image around? that'll usually give you a good idea as to what you can tweak.

altogether, it has a nice expressive quality and i like that you used a limited palette (mostly blues) to give the winter/snow environment the right feel.

i'm going to say, lastly, that what i would do is start laying colors straight on with high opacity and no brush pressure options (other than brush size maybe) and maybe play around with angled brushes with the goal of getting harder edges in mind. also! try using a gradient map to check your contrast. it's a layer you can turn on and off and it turns your image to grayscale so you can check your values. i feel like some parts of the cave you painted can go a lot darker.

all in all, good work =) keep it up and i think this is a good forward push to improving your landscape/environment/mood/color key paintings. and in the words of our good friend mr. schwarzenegger, "come on, let's get serious!" =D

tty soon bro,
- gabe